Feeling Like a Champion

Good Afternoon Friends!

I feel like this week flew by, especially since I do not have to report to work tomorrow due to Good Friday. I’ve also been extremely busy as well. So busy that this post has taken me several days to complete.

A few weeks ago I shared a picture of myself and two co-workers presenting a donation check to LPSS Robotics Program. I also mentioned that we were preparing to have the students from each sponsored Robotics Team visit our facility. The visitation took place this past Tuesday, and I was extremely happy to witness such a successful event. The students were able to transfer all the robotic information they are doing in their high schools to what actually happens in the industry. Our intentions of the visit was to inform these students that there is a lot of highly engineered equipment that’s manufactured and designed right here in Lafayette. We’re trying our best to keep highly educated graduates in our community of Acadiana.


Above are a few photos captured by our in-house photographer during the event. Although I do get a bit stressed out planning these types of events, it truly is a rewarding experience once all the details come together. My job is truly a blessing, and I’m so thankful to all of my co-workers that helped me pull everything together so well.

Yesterday I was invited to attend a Champion’s luncheon that was put on by United Way of Acadiana. The luncheon was their way of recognizing Champions in the community and workplace. They brought together people from the community who help United Way of Acadiana to do great work. It was truly an honor, and my co-worker Connie and I had a blast participating in the fun and games.


After signing in, Connie and I got split up into different teams. I was on the EverGreens and she was on Good as Gold. Before the games began, we were asked to take a selfie and hashtag #uwachampions to all of our social media outlets. See my selfie below. I’m definitely not a champion when it comes to taking selfies. I rather photos that capture the actual moment when it’s happening.


After the selfies were taken, the games began. I volunteered to compete in the basketball game and a marble balancing game. The twist  to the basketball game was that we had to shoot the ball using a granny-style approach. I was sort of disappointed since the idea of shooting hoops regular style excited me all too much. I played basketball in high-school, and I actually mentioned to Brett the other day that we needed to get a basketball goal for our home. He immediately shot down the idea since we really don’t have the available space in our driveway. Maybe in our next home…


My team didn’t do so well in the games, but my marble balancing group was able to complete the passes in one try. Connie’s team, on the other hand, stole the show. She was so happy that I invited her to the luncheon, and she left the event bearing a gift for her team winning as well as the largest door prize. Connie is an Engineering Assistant, and I always enjoy working with her. Although my team wasn’t the champion of the day, I still felt like a champion as I cheered my team on throughout the fun-filled morning. It was great meeting other fellow community volunteers, and overall a pleasure to be recognized by such a fantastic organization.

Due to lunch being provided for me throughout this week, I haven’t been consuming as many fruits and vegetables as I would like. Throughout the week I’ve made sure to pack nutritious smoothies in order to provide myself an afternoon pick-me-up. In the mix yesterday was one frozen banana, five to six frozen pineapple chunks, one tablespoon of peanut butter, one container of vanilla Chobani Greek yogurt, lots of spinach and enough milk to get the mixture moving. I could really taste the pineapple in this mixture, and it totally made me crave a Pina Colada! I’m so ready for SUMMER!


I’ve kept up with my workout regimen this week by taking a pump class Monday morning, a circuit class Tuesday afternoon and after work yesterday I headed to the gym and completed the below workout.


This afternoon I’m leaving work a bit early to sign the contract for our wedding reception venue. We have chosen The Warehouse in Rayne, LA. Brett and I totally fell in love with the style of the building as soon as we walked through the door. It totally reflects Brett’s old soul and my love of the Country French style. I cannot wait to start brainstorming the décor details.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Easter weekend, and if you’re traveling, please be careful on the highway and remember not to text and drive.



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