Happy Birthday James & Brett!

Happy Friday everybody!

To all my frequent readers…I apologize about not posting as often these past few weeks as I have in the past. Brett and I have been super busy lately, but I can assure you guys that we have a DIY post in the works and we’re hoping to post it soon. Wedding decisions and planning are a main priority for me at the moment. I’m thinking once the bigger decisions have been made, I can get back to my normal blogging schedule.

I’m upset to report that I failed to give a big shout out to my big brother for his birthday this past week on the blog. Although I shared some love with him via Facebook on Wednesday, I’d like to wish him a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY today!


Even though we’re separated by miles, I still hold you close to my heart! I’m so proud of your recent accomplishments, and continue to pray for you every day! I love you, and look up to you as I always have my entire life.

I know that James had a fantastic day since he spent most of it on the water fishing. The picture above was actually taken on a fishing trip a few years back. I’m really hoping that we can squeeze in a few trips this coming summer since it’s honestly one of my favorite outdoor activities!

Also celebrating a birthday TODAY, is my fiancé Brett! And by the way, I still catch myself calling him my boyfriend. I have a feeling it will only become natural to call him my fiancé right before I have to transition myself to calling him my husband. Ahhh, that’s so crazy!



There we are celebrating his 21st birthday as newly boyfriend and girlfriend back in 2009. We had gotten ballpark burgers from the baseball field near his house in Morgan City and French fries from McDonald’s that day. Then brought everything on a picnic that we enjoyed at Lake End Park. It wasn’t the healthiest of meals, but it was a beautiful day spent with each other.

This year Brett received a brand new grill for his birthday. Since we cook outside at least twice a week, I have a feeling we’ll get lots of use out of this guy.


My parents came into town yesterday to begin working on the outside of our house, so last night we celebrated Brett’s birthday by taking him out to Pamplona Tapas Bar. The same restaurant we celebrated our recent engagement. I also surprised him today with a Tres Leches cake from Indulge, which is one of his favorite desserts.


When my parents are in town, I usually try to get to the gym in the morning since our afternoons are typically filled with activities. Unfortunately, I failed to get to the gym the past two mornings, so I made sure to get a bit of exercise in today during my two breaks. I was forced to walk the stairwell for my morning break due to a thunderstorm. I actually welcomed this task since I wanted to burn more calories due to my absence at the gym yesterday and today. The sun came out after lunch, so I was able to enjoy a walk with Maggie this afternoon.

And great news, Brett will be off this coming weekend! Our weekend plans will be filled with CRAWFISH! This is very exciting for a Louisiana resident….trust me. Tonight my parents are taking us out for crawfish, and tomorrow we are attending a friend’s crawfish boil. I’m crossing my fingers for pretty weather, but according to the forecast it doesn’t look likely. Oh well, we’ll make the best of it no matter what the weather decides.

Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday James & Brett!

  1. Jamie Noto

    Sounds like you have a busy weekend planned! Happy bday to Brett, congratulations on your recent engagement! And again I enjoy reading your blog..y’all sound like such a fun young couple! Blessings from Navasota tx!



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