Friday Finds VIII

Happy Friday, everybody!!!

Just wanted to apologize to you guys for not posting as much as usual this past week. I have been completely swamped at work, which has discouraged me from completing anything productive once I’ve finally reached home. I’ve also gotten a bit off track since I’ve been spending most of my free time brainstorming ideas for our future wedding. Yes, I’ve entered into the world of wedding planning, and it’s totally sucked me in full throttle.

Although I know not everything will come together as I’m hoping it will, I’m trying not to get too discouraged too soon. I don’t want to rush planning, but I also know that churches and venues get booked fairly quickly. It also doesn’t help that I take forever to make decisions, but I’m hoping to be decisive within the next two weeks. Ultimately, I’m trying my best to stay focused on the marriage and not all the details. As long as the celebration of Brett and I is not lost, I believe our day will be special and perfect for us.

Friday Finds

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve shared with you guys a Friday Find. Two weeks ago, I noticed a picture of a friend of mine on Facebook. I commented on the picture, and asked for her to please share with me her beauty secrets. I also mentioned that I’d love to take a sneak peek into her makeup bag even though Reagan is quite beautiful naturally and has flawless skin. Reagan commented back, and referred me to the website of the makeup artist that did her makeup for the photo shoot she participated in that week.


After checking out Ashley Sievert’s website, I was instantly sold. I emailed Ashley right away to purchase samples of four different shades of her Mineral Velvet Crème. Ashley was super sweet and responsive. She offered to send over free samples to me since I mentioned to her that I was a blogger. Yay, for my first freebie. Although, she gave me the products for free, I can promise you guys that this makeup is everything she explains it to be on her website.

The crème is long-lasting, full-coverage and extremely light-weight. I love that the crème also contains SPF 15 and is oil free and hypoallergenic. I specifically love that the crème is hypoallergenic since my skin is ultra sensitive.


I tried Milan the first day, which matched my winter skin pretty well.


The next day I tried New York, and thought that this color may be a better choice for me to purchase since the summer is fast approaching. Although I have olive skin, I tend to get extremely white during the winter and then pick up a tan instantly in the summer.


I used my MAC blot powder on top of the crème, but I hope to also purchase Ashley’s Mineral Finishing Powder when I purchase the New York Mineral Velvet Crème.

If you are interested in any of Ashley’s products, please visit her website or email her at

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And last but not least, check out the beautiful bloomed wisteria on top of our pergola. Brett texted me this photo earlier this morning. I absolutely love this time of year!


Weekend Plans

I’m actually leaving for my parents house this evening, and my favorite meal is on the menu tonight…BOILED CRABS! My Mom still hasn’t seen my ring in person, so I’m really eager to clock out and hit the road.

Any big weekend plans up your sleeves?




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