I’m beyond thrilled to share with you guys that Brett and I are ENGAGED!

Brett proposed to me in our home before going out to dinner to celebrate our five year anniversary this past Thursday. Many happy tears were shed, and we cannot wait to become one with God.

Scrapbook and Proposal Story

Brett put so much thought and time into the proposal, and I was completely floored by his creativity.

In order to understand the proposal better, I’ll have to back track a bit to explain our “love story” scrapbook. As my best friend Grace would tell you, I’m pretty good at documenting my life. Whether it be through taking pictures, writing journels, and now blogging, I love taking time to document as much as possible so that I’ll have an excellent way to relive those special moments in my life.

When Brett left for his first Marine Corps annual training while we were dating, I decided to put together a scrapbook for him to enjoy while he was away. See, we were not going to be able to communicate with each other for an entire month. I decided to create pages that documented our relationship from the beginning until that present moment. Each page contained pictures, documented conversations, quotes of sweet things we’d tell each other, and special notes that I created especially for the scrapbook. I created about 12-15 pages for his trip, and I decided to place blank pages on top of each of the decorated pages in order for him to open one page per day (or every other day). The scrapbook would therefore be something for him to look forward to at the end of the day and help get him through the trip. The scrapbook proved to be popular among the Marines, and soon Brett’s circle of friends were eager to see what lied beneath each covered page (they mainly only looked at the pictures) every night.

I continued to create pages for him for the following two years of annual training. In total the book contains 43 pages. I know, that’s one hell of a love story. : )

Since Brett has been out of the Marine Corps, I haven’t added any pages to the scrapbook for the past two years. And this is where the proposal story begins…

As we were about to head out for dinner Thursday night, Brett asked me to sit down at our dining table because he wanted me to see the pages that he added to the scrapbook. He told me that the past few years hadn’t been documented, so he decided to add some pages himself in order to catch us up to date. I thought this was extremely sweet, so I eagerly sat down and here is what I saw and read…








When I got to the final page, I only read the cover sheet and then looked at Brett who was walking back and forth in the living room. The pages moved me to tears, and I told him that he did a great job. He then asked if I took the cover sheet out, and I quickly responded, “no”. So, he then helped me take the sheet out and I finally saw what lied beneath.


The ring was attached to a string because I would always tell Brett that even if he would propose to me with a string, I’d say yes. Brett detached the ring, then got down on one knee. As tears were falling from my eyes, he asked me to marry him and I immediately said yes! We were both in shock and immediately called both of our parents.

Brett had asked for my Dad’s blessing a little over a month ago, but it was still so exciting to share the news with both of my parents. They were both over-joyed, and my Dad even cried along with me. Both my parents absolutely adore Brett, and they’re so happy to finally call him their future son-in-law.

After we finally stopped shaking from excitement, we headed out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Pamplona Tapas Bar.


Dinner was phenomenal as usual. We enjoyed some of our favorite dishes such as the Fabada soup, duck rillettes, and fried goat cheese. We also tried out the pork cheeks and mussels for the first time. Everything was fantastic, but we were sort of upset that they took the scallops off the menu. We finished dinner with apple bread pudding with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, compliments of the restaurant as a congratulations for our recent engagement!


I’m so blessed to finally be engaged to this caring, thoughtful, loving and proud man. I cannot tell you guys how happy I am to call Brett my fiancé!

I think it’s save to say that I accomplished absolutely nothing at work the next day. I shared our engagement story with most of my co-workers, and let’s face it, I was way too giddy to focus on anything that day. Our in-house photographer, Mike, took the amazing photos below that day as well. I absolutely love my ring. It’s exactly what I wanted, simple yet classic.



I absolutely loved that Brett included photos of both of our parents on the last page of the scrapbook. Both of our parents have been married for 30+ years, and we hope to continue following along the footsteps that have been paved out for us.

Brett and I continued to celebrate our engagement throughout the weekend. We cleaned and prepped the house Friday evening and Saturday morning for a visit from his family. Everyone enjoyed seeing our home, and we also all enjoyed dinner Saturday evening at Bonefish Grill.


Brett and I with his Godparents, Uncle Chris and Aunt Toni! Brett’s parents, Uncle Tralles, Nanny Missy, his brother Matt and cousin Adam were also present that night as well! We had a fabulous time with one another.

After dinner, everyone headed back to our house and we indulged in some desserts from a local bakery, Poupart’s Bakery and Bistro.

We enjoyed talking about possible wedding venues, a date, including Brett’s Marine Corp dress blues in the ceremony and what sort of dress I’m envisioning myself in that day. All topics were very intriguing, but my main goal at the moment is to find a church.


Brett and I are so thankful for all the well wishes from family and friends. Please pray for us as we begin this wonderful journey together, and also pray that I do not lose my mind in the mist of all the planning. So, here we go…


10 thoughts on “We’re ENGAGED!

  1. Mike Juneau

    I read your whole blog. Bret, you did it right! Even brought a tear to my eye. Classic love story, like out of a book of dreams. You two are adorable. I’m much older than you too. With age come wisdom and I probably have more insurance…..LOL..what I’m trying to say is when we see the two of you, we see real love. I feel the energy and I know everyone else around you feels it too! The two of you have what it takes, now go get it!


  2. Karen

    Oh WOW! I am crying like a baby! What a beautiful story that portrays two beautiful people! I am so happy for the two of you. Great job on the ring Brett. Congratulations. Love Ya!


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