5 Year Anniversary!

Today is a very special day for Brett and I since we’re celebrating our fifth year as boyfriend and girlfriend. In honor of this special day I’d like to share with you guys our love story.


I actually meet Brett on August 9, 2008. I only remember this date specifically because I met him the day after I served in my best friend, Tara’s wedding. She and her husband Myles were married on 8/8/08.

My roommate at the time, Megan, had been seeing a Marine and decided to invite him and his buddies over to our home that Saturday evening. Since they had just gotten off of drill, Megan decided to make dinner for them. I must admit, I was a bit rude to Brett when I first met him. Megan had previously showed me pictures of Brett prior to their visit, and I sort of started having a crush on him instantly. Brett was dating someone else at the time, and I didn’t want him to know that I thought he was super cute. Therefore my master plan was to sort of ignore him in order for no flirting to exist (Ha, great plan Celina???) I totally respected his relationship since I’m not the type of girl to break up something that’s not broken.

A few weeks went by and then the unexpected happened, Brett’s current relationship ended. My roommate shared the news with me, but I thought nothing of it since I didn’t think Brett would be interested in someone so soon after a breakup.


I’d mark the beginning of Brett and I’s relationship on September 20, 2008. This was the first night that we both showed an interest towards each other, and no rudeness existed. The next day, he made his first phone call to me, and from that day forth we were talking to each other every night and seeing each other every other weekend. I met his family at the end of October, and he met my family in December.

I think it was after he met my family that I knew I had found someone truly special. I wanted to call him my boyfriend so badly, but knew that he wanted to take things slow with me since he had just gotten out of a relationship. Brett waited six months before he asked me to be his girlfriend (March 20, 2009). This both annoyed me but also made me feel special since he was taking our relationship so seriously.

brettandi2010The first almost four years of Brett and I’s relationship was a long distance relationship. It wasn’t so hard at the beginning since we were getting to know each other. As the years passed, the harder it got, and I cannot tell you how many times I complained that I hated being so far away from him.  Let me not forget to mention that one weekend out of the month was always dedicated to drill. So, if either one of us had plans that didn’t involve the other during the weekend, that meant that we’d only see each other six days out of the whole month. A long distance relationship proved to be very difficult, and so much trust between both of us was built over those first four years.

In 2011, Brett informed me that his unit would be deployed to Afghanistan at the beginning of 2012. It was then that Brett and I made the decision that we wanted to start of life together in Lafayette. I began making plans to move to Lafayette around the same time that he would be leaving. This way I’d be closer to my parents, and also have the support of family and friends that lived in Lafayette as well while he was gone.

brettandi2011In August of 2011, we received fantastic news…Brett’s unit was no longer going to be deployed. But since we had prepared ourselves so well, I decided to continue with my big move to Lafayette. Since Brett was still in school, this meant another year of our long distance relationship. Brett landed a job in Lafayette after graduation, and in January 2013 our long distance relationship was finally over.


Being in a relationship with Brett for the past five years has been  the biggest accomplishment of my life. I’ll never understand why I was so deserving of his love and attraction to me. If any of you guys know Brett, you’ll know that he would honestly drop anything to help out a friend, family member or even a total stranger. His heart is full of compassion, and I thank God everyday that our paths crossed not so very long ago.

I love that we share the same interest, yet are completely different at the same time. I love that he values my opinion, yet pushes my buttons constantly. I love that our relationship is no where near perfect but completely ours.  I’m excited for what the future has in store for both of us as we continue to keep following our dreams!

brettandi2013Brett, Happy 5th Anniversary! I love you! – C


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