How to Keep Your House Clean

Good Afternoon everyone!

This week is flying by for me since I have been really, really busy with multiple projects at work. 

And low and behold, guess who actually made it to the gym this morning. Yes, that would be me. I must say it’s pretty awesome to know that my workout is completed for the day. I have to attend a Lafayette Parish School Board meeting after work, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to the gym this afternoon. This morning I completed 20 minutes on the elliptical, and then completed the below circuit workout that focused on my legs and abs.


I decided not to focus on my arms today since I was facing some soreness in my upper body from yesterday’s Body Pump class.

And speaking of yesterday…When I arrived home from the gym yesterday I quickly noticed a package on my doorstep. I love receiving packages from online shopping. It feels like Christmas for me since I tend to forget that I ordered that certain item just a few days ago on the internet.


On the doorstep was a package from Ballard Design.


Last week I had ordered the above lantern for our sofa table (it looks way better in person…I need a better camera). Other items in my house bought from Ballard Design are our living room rug and some of the throw pillows on the sofa. I just have a few more items to buy for the living room, then it will be completely finished. Items I’m still in need of: Mirror to place on top of dresser between French Doors, framed artwork for above the buffet, baskets to place underneath sofa table, pictures to place in picture frames (obviously), and a few other little things. I feel like the design process is taking me forever, but so far I’m happy with most of the decisions I’ve made for this area of our home.

Dinner last night was pulled from one of the best recipe books I own, Recipes from Mom. Over the past few years, my Mom pulled together all of her favorite recipes into one cookbook.


She gave the cookbook to my brother and I as a Christmas gift this past year. The cookbook contains some of my favorite recipes that were served on our dinner table during all the years I lived with my parents. The cookbook also contains recipes that my Mom jotted down while watching my Grandma Allemand cook when she was younger. This is especially important to me for two main reasons – 1.) My grandmother passed away when I was only sixteen and 2.) Old school Cajun cooking was never really documented since most women knew the recipes by pure memory back then.


On the menu tonight was the above recipe for Stuffed Peppers. Since I did not have crab meat in the freezer, I swapped it out for ground turkey. I also altered a few ingredients in order to lighten up the meal. I used a fat-free cream cheese, low sodium bouillon cubes and also used olive oil as a substitution for half the amount of butter.


I especially love this meal since a protein and veggie are all incorporated into one item. One of these peppers is the perfect serving size to fill up my tummy without feeling overly stuffed.

After dinner, I helped Brett put together some flower arrangements to place around the house.


Brett’s family is heading over to Lafayette this weekend to come see the recent, new improvements to our home. So you know what that means…we’re starting to get the house pretty, and later this week I plan to do another head to toe cleaning.


And speaking of cleaning, let’s finally dive into the main topic of this post…

How to Keep Your House Clean

Spring is only one day away, and lately I’ve been seeing my neighbors not only preparing their lawns, but also de-cluttering their homes as well. Spring is most definitely my favorite season, and I am so eager to start seeing luscious, green lawns, beautifully, groomed flower beds and warmer temperatures on the forecast.  It seems that during this time of year everyone opens their doors and windows while embracing in a bit of Spring cleaning. In fact, just a few weekends ago I mentioned that I did a bit of Spring cleaning myself.

If you know me well, you’ll already know that I’m a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning my home. I think I’ve inherited this trait from both sides of my family. My mother always kept our house smelling nice during my childhood, and my Dad also kept the outside of our home pretty tidy as well. A fresh, clean, clutter- free home makes me one happy gal.

Keeping our home clean does face some challenges (ahem, Brett), but for the most part both Brett and I do a pretty great job of maintaining both the inside and outside of our home.

Of course I realize that not everyone gets as excited as I do about cleaning or organizing so I’ve put together a simple list to get you guys motivated. The list contains tasks that I follow daily, bi-weekly, monthly and seasonally in order to stay on top of cleaning.


Do you think it weird that I’m a bit OCD when it come to cleaning and organization?
Do you prefer to workout in the mornings or afternoon?

The time of day I workout truly depends on the afternoon’s activities. If Brett is working at the hospital that day, I can promise you that I’ll be hitting up the gym in the afternoon. However, if I have something planned in the afternoon (babysitting Ava, meeting, hot date, etc.), I’ll try to make it to the gym in the morning. I truly wish I could get there every morning, but more often than not sleep wins me over.


4 thoughts on “How to Keep Your House Clean

  1. My Cajun Trinity Post author

    I’ll try to do a post about this soon and maybe even do some sort of weekly challenge through the blog. In the mean time, I’d like to direct you to one of my favorite organization blogs. It’s called A Bowl Full of Lemons!


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