A FriendFULL Weekend!

Happy Monday evening friends!

The weekends are just never long enough, right? Especially when almost the entire weekend is spent with some of your best friends.

I must say, I’m a pretty lucky gal to have so many amazing friendships, and this weekend I was able to spend some memorable moments with several girlfriends that I’ve been knowing since both elementary and junior high school. All of these women are considered kindred spirits to me, and it’s always a pleasure to be in their presence.

My first visit was with my dearest and best friend, Kristin. As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, Kristin and I have been knowing each other since the age of five. We also roomed together in college and currently both reside in Lafayette. When I got a text from Kristin earlier in the week to see if I wanted to grab dinner Friday evening, I immediately said yes. It had been a few months since we had got to see each other last, so I was anxious to see her. See, even though we live in the same town, it’s sometimes hard to get together often since life gets in the way from time to time. bookclub7

Kristin and I enjoyed cucumber salads, edamame, and also shared three sushi rolls that night at Oishi Sushi Restaurant. The food was AMAZING, especially the Shrek roll; however, the restaurant is super tiny and there were only three workers (sushi chef, waiter, dishwasher). So, if you live in Lafayette and want to give this restaurant a try, I’d highly recommend that you call in your order for pick up. Although I was happy to catch up with my best friend, an hour and forty minute dining session just didn’t cut it for me. Will I go back to Oishi Sushi Restaurant? Yes, but only to pick up my food in order to dine in the comfort of my own home.

After we left the restaurant, we picked up some wine and headed back to my house. That night we sat out on my newly, improved patio and talked the night away. It reminded me of the good ole days of college, but we quickly realized that our conversations now revolve around jobs, money and children. Oh my, when did we grow up? I cannot wait until our next girl’s night out. We discussed a live music venture for next time.

Saturday was spent doing my normal Sunday rituals (ironing clothes for the week, grocery shopping, etc.) since I was planning on heading to Baton Rouge on Sunday.

On Sunday I headed to my friend Ashley’s house in Baton Rouge. A group of my junior high school friends and I decided to start a book club last year. So far, the group has met three times. The friend that decides to host the next party decides which book the group will read next.

Since we all got to Ashley’s around lunchtime, she prepared a lentil soup for all of us to chow down on while we caught up with one another. The soup was very flavorful and filled my tummy right up.


But of course I had room for a few of these lavender meringues that she had also made for the get-together.


Ashley was a fantastic host and even put together a small gift bag for each of us. Her husband works at Whole Foods (I know, what an awesome job. I love Whole Foods!), and apparently brings home free items quite often. Since Ashley’s stash was growing quickly, she decided to share some of the goodies with all of us. This tiny gesture made me so happy, and I cannot wait to try out all of my little gifts.


After catching up with each other, we moved on to the main event. The book that was chosen this time around was Little Wolves by Thomas Maltman. Unfortunately, I was unable to even start the book, but those that did read the book gave an excellent and somewhat lengthy summary of the book. Their summary was lengthy since the book contained many important details. Since Ashley hosted the party and chose the book, she provided discussion questions for the group. Even though I had not read the book, I was still able to partake in the discussion because of the wonderful summary that was given. After the discussion, we rated the book. I believe our average rating was an eight out of ten. So, if you’re looking for a good book to read, I’d highly recommend Little Wolves based on the groups rating.



I shot a selfie of the entire group before leaving. Thanks again to Ashley for the hospitality (she’s the one all the way to left). And also a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Katie (directly to the right of me) on her recent engagement. Also pictured Erin (to the left of me), and Grace (all the way to the right). I actually served as Grace’s maid of honor for her wedding almost four years ago.

I’m so thankful that we decided to start this book club. Not only is it fun to participate in discussion, but it also allows all of us to stay connected…since most of us live in different towns throughout Louisiana. Until next time ladies!

I made it back to Lafayette right as Brett was getting home from work. We spent the evening catching up with one another while sipping on a few drinky drinks. It was such a nice way to end an incredible friendFULL weekend.


And we also got a late night visitor from Brett’s co-worker, Caleb.


And last, but certainly not least. I’d like to ask all of you to keep my brother James in your prayers. He will be entering a new ministry as an Acolyte in his Catholic Church parish. I cannot tell you guys how proud I am of him for this amazing opportunity. He is and always has been a wonderful role model to me. Please pray for him.

How was your past weekend? 
Have you ever been in a book club? 


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