How to Stain Cement – DIY

Hey, it’s Brett. I wanted to share one of our latest projects with you guys. Celina and I are “outside” people, so we made a decision a few weeks ago to get our patio ready for the Spring weather. We are always out on the patio…eating, drinking, visiting with family and friends. We decided to spruce up our old, worn cement with a facelift using Behr’s Premium Concrete Dye kit from Home Depot ($90). The kit includes everything you need to restore, stain, and seal your concrete. This is a project that takes little skill, and the provided instructions (pamphlet and DVD tutorial included) walk you through the process, step by step. We chose Behr’s Desert Oasis finish, but the kit is also available in Tuscan Stone finish as well.


First thing first! Clear any debris from the concrete. I used my blower to clear the leaves, dirt, gravel, etc.

You may notice the drastic color difference in the cement near the doors. While installing the French doors last year there was a large step-down; we filled the gap by adding hand poured/shaped cement. I will mention how I matched the color later in the post.


Ya’ll like my boots? 🙂


After the area was cleared of debris, I blasted away all the embedded grime with a pressure washer. This gave the cement a fresh, uniform surface. I must stress, it is very important to remove all foreign materials from the cement.


Next, I applied the kit’s cement cleaner and etcher. I mixed the cleaning/etching solution with water as directed. I applied the solution with an old mop and really worked it in with a large, push broom. You will notice that the solution will cause the cement to foam…keep scrubbing it in! I remembered my Marine Corps diddy while scrubbing the cement…”HARD AND FASTER, AYE SIR!” All those Devil Dogs out there will know what I’m talking about.


Once my arms felt like Jello from scrubbing with the push broom, I rinsed the cement with a garden hose. It is important to remove all etching solution before moving on.

Next, I applied tape and drop clothes to all the surfaces I wanted to protect. I did not want to ruin the French doors Mr. Paul (Celina’s Dad) and I worked so hard on.


So after cleaning the cement and protecting the surrounding area, I allowed the cement to dry overnight. The instructions recommend that the cement is fully dried before applying the stain.

The next day, I started with the base color stain as directed. The instructions suggest using a “figure-eight” pattern with the pump’s wand when applying the stain. The idea is to apply the stain in a sporadic pattern, which keeps the cement from having a uniformed look.

Once the base color was applied, I allowed it to dry overnight.


The next morning I applied the accent color, which was a darker shade than the base color. I applied the accent color the same way I did the base color. Again, I allowed the accent color to dry overnight.


Lastly, it was time to seal the deal! I applied four coats of the wet-look sealer as directed. Dry times varied due to the variety of weather conditions we experienced that week. Dry times were increased because of wet, cooler weather.


And here it is…the finished product. This was a super easy, inexpensive home upgrade. We were very satisfied with the final outcome. We will be adding some new patio furniture soon to relax on during our summer evenings on our newly, improved patio!


Hey Guys, it’s Celina. Happy Friday!

The picture above really does it no justice. I can promise you guys that it looks a million times better in person. We’re hoping to share our new piece of patio furniture next week on the blog, so you’ll be able to see the stained cement from a different angle then. The stained concrete gives this area of our home a much cleaner, richer feel. Although we are 110% satisfied, we still have more plans for this area and will continue to keep you posted with our progress.


I hope you guys have some wonderful weekend plans.  Although Brett has to work, I have plans to catch up with some of my girlfriends throughout the weekend. I’ll be back Sunday or Monday for a weekend recap to fill you guys in on my adventures.

Any exciting plans for the weekend ahead?
What are your thoughts on stained concrete? Good or bad?


5 thoughts on “How to Stain Cement – DIY

  1. Jamie Noto

    Hey y’all! The patio looks great! You have given me the courage to to mine! I totally believe this is something I can do! I’ll have to take before and after pics! Wish me luck!


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