Friday Finds VII

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m so ready for this coming weekend since Brett and I FINALLY have an entire weekend off together. I’m predicting that we will continue to work on a few projects around the house, and possibly finally create the DIY post for our media center. So, stay tuned!

If you’re an avid My Cajun Trinity reader you will know that on most Fridays I do a post about something that made me smile during the past week.

Friday Finds VII

I think most of you can agree with me when I say that I love saving money at any opportune moment. I try my best to keep up with coupons that I receive through the mail by placing them on a magnetic clip that I keep on my refrigerator, but I often forget to sort through them before going to the store.


I’m also really bad at checking out store promotions via email since I’ve handed out my yahoo email to just about every store I’ve shopped at in the past 10 years…and that, my friends, is A LOT. My yahoo email account is now known as my “junk email account” since I rarely even visit it anymore due to the abundance of emails it now contains.

When shopping online, I do a decent job of searching for coupon codes in order to save a certain amount or redeem free shipping, but sometimes it takes me around 20 minutes to find those certain codes.

I’m happy to report to you guys that I think I finally found a solution to all of the above issues…

This past week I came across the RetailMeNot Mobile App. The App makes it easy to save in store and online with thousands of coupons at the places you love to shop. You will never have to worry about printing or forgetting a coupon again. The App also allows you to search for the coupons you want and also allows you to bookmark your favorite stores. You can save coupons and then access them later from either a mobile app or desktop when you’re ready to shop. Simply show your phone at checkout to save.


Picture Source:

Pretty great, right?

I have intentions of doing some online shopping this weekend, so I’m hoping to find some great deals through the app.

MCT Workout Wardrobe

I’m also beyond excited to share with you my new workout tank that one of my favorite, local vendors delivered to me at work yesterday.


How cool is that? My first MCT branded piece of clothing. My heart exploded a bit when I received it yesterday morning. I wore it to the gym last night, and I’m hoping that it triggers some conversations in the near future as I plan to add it to my workout wardrobe.

MCT Tank2

Absolutely also featured the above picture on their Facebook page today! It really means the world to me to have a bit of local, community support, and it honestly keeps me motivated to continue writing each week.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Question of the Day:

What are you loving lately?


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