Dynamite Crawfish!

Good Evening Guys!

Hope your week is off to a great start.

Let’s recap yesterday before I jump into today. After a busy Monday in the office, I headed over to the gym to complete another TRX workout. After completing a 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical, I completed the following workout:


Below are links to examples of each of the exercises:

Chest Press
Low Row
TRX Burpee
T Deltoid Fly
Power Pull
TRX Sumo Squats (same as squat, but hold in place)
Hamstring Curls
TRX Lunge

This was a pretty great workout, and I’m definitely feeling soreness in my arms today. But, it wasn’t nearly as intense as the first TRX workout I completed the other day. I often get upset when I don’t feel like I’ve gotten the most out of my workouts, but I’ve learned that some workouts will be better than others. I think the above workout would be fantastic for a beginner. I also considered doing another round of the workout, but I didn’t have enough time yesterday afternoon. I hope to do more research on TRX training in order to get the most out of my workout from this point further.

After my workout, and once Brett made it home from work, my Dad, Brett and I headed out to Young’s Sports Bar and Grill for some crawfish.


Yes, I’m a southern girl through and through, and absolutely love this southern feast! Crawfish are in season right now, and these guys were super spicy, yet super delicious last night! My lips were literally tingling as I ate these bad boys.


If you’re not from Louisiana, you may look at these little critters as disgusting, but I can assure you that they are amazing if boiled correctly. When the season starts, they are usually in high demand. Since the weather has been colder than usual, the crawfish haven’t been moving as much making it harder for crawfish farmers to trap them. Luckily, we were able to score some last night! I must say that my favorite crawfish are those that are boiled by my Dad, but there are several restaurants in Lafayette that boil them pretty close to perfect as well.


Brett and my Dad last night with their much deserved beers after a long day of work. It was so nice having my Dad in town for a few nights, and like always, I’m very grateful for the work he accomplished over the past two days. We enjoyed our evening very much, but sure did miss my Mom and wish she could have joined us. Unfortunately my Mom stayed home since she was not feeling up to par. Hope you feel better soon, Mom.

I don’t really have much to report to you guys about today except that Brett and I had the privilege of babysitting Miss Ava Grace tonight!


I completed homework with her this afternoon as Brett prepared dinner for us. We enjoyed grilled wings and Jalapeno Cheddar Sweet Potato Puffs, a recipe that I found on Lindsay’s blog, The Lean Green Bean. I had intentions of going to the gym this morning since I knew Ava would be coming over right after 5:00 pm, but since we stayed up later than usual, I was unsuccessful. Oh well, I’m going to make sure I make it to the gym over the weekend since Brett will be working.

Now we are off to enjoy a movie night! Have a great evening!

Have you ever had crawfish before? 
If so, let me know your favorite restaurant that you’ve had them?


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