Friday Finds VI

Happy Friday!

Wow, I cannot believe how quickly this past week has passed for me. I’m super excited for this weekend since Brett only has to work Saturday afternoon!

Today’s Friday Finds is once again something I discovered a while back, and I give credit to this discovery for actually pushing me to chase my dream of starting a blog.

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This past December I saw a Facebook post from one of my childhood friends, Mindy, stating that she finally bit the bullet and decided to start a blog, Haney House Diaries.

Since I had been thinking of starting a blog myself for almost half a year, I decided to message Mindy and congratulate her on her efforts. In the message I told her that I had hopes of one day starting a blog as well. She immediately responded to my message, and encouraged me to reach for my goal because she’d definitely read my blog if I decided to create one. Hence the birth of My Cajun Trinity…thanks for the push Mindy.

So, I’d like to encourage all of you to visit Mindy’s blog. Haney House Diaries documents many of the DIY projects Mindy and her fiancée complete in their home. Mindy uses bright colors throughout her home which totally matches her sun-shining personality. She’s got some great projects already on her blog, and I’m really looking forward to following her journey as she and Rob remodel their kitchen.

Last but certainly not least, Mindy just got engaged this past weekend! Congratulations again, Mindy and Rob! So, for all those brides-to-be out there, I’d check Mindy’s blog periodically for some wedding inspiration as I’m sure her blog will quickly be turning into Haney Wedding Diaries soon!


Picture Soure: Haney House Diaries

Hope you guys have some great weekend plans!

Have a favorite blog? Post a comment with the name of that blog, I’d love to check it out!


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds VI

  1. Mindy

    Ah!!! Thanks for the shout out and kind words about my blog, C! I am so glad that you decided to start blogging, too, because your frequent posts push me to blog more! I love that we are both in similar seasons of our lives with remodeling our homes so we can learn and grow from each other! ❤


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