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Good evening everyone!

Have I got a great workout to share with you guys this evening! Last Monday one of my vendor’s from work shared with me a page from Fitness Magazine. It contained a workout using the TRX strap. I was eagerly excited to try out this new workout since I tend to get bored doing the same exercises over and over again at the gym. I believe variety is important, especially if your an avid gym rat. If I’m not experiencing soreness after a workout nor sweating my booty off, I honestly don’t feel like I’ve gotten the workout I was intending to achieve.

TRX Training main 2

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According to Shape Magazine, “The TRX Suspension Trainer, developed by Navy SEALS, takes advantage of gravity and your bodyweight to challenge every muscle, especially your core.”

I can honestly report to you guys that I was 100% satisfied with this insane workout this past Friday evening. I started off with a 15 minute warmup on the elliptical machine, then headed to one of the two TRX straps in our gym. Of course my gym has the TRX straps located in the middle of the entire gym and I was a bit embarrassed performing the exercises, but I pushed through because I wanted to get the most out of my workout.  I proceeded to perform these exercises. I had the most difficulties with Automic Pike and Pendulum. While I was performing Pendulum, I noticed that my arms were completely red and sweat was bursting out of my body like a waterfall. It was very, very intense, which made me happy, happy, happy! This is what I looked like after doing the Pendulum.


Ugh, I know…sweaty, hot mess! But, you can see the sweat literally dripping from my face and this was my intended goal. Please note that I did not forget my headphones.

I must warn you guys that you should not perform this workout completely if you are a beginner at the gym. I even questioned myself after completing the exercises since I was completely exhausted afterwards. I also experienced extreme soreness in my upper rib cage for the entire weekend. So, please remember to consult a medical expert before altering your routine in the gym.


I had such an incredibly, busy day today at the office. We are beginning to prepare for an upcoming oilfield trade show in May, and the beginning efforts kept me quite busy today along with many other daily tasks. Every Monday our Marketing team meets for a lunch meeting at a local Mexican restaurant. Although I try to make smart decisions on my lunch entree, I don’t always consume as many vegetables as I’d like, so I decided to make a fun smoothie this afternoon to catch up on my fruits and vegetables.


Although it may look disgusting to you, it reminding me of Mardi Gras colors and tasted fantastic. In the smoothie was the following:

Mardi Gras Smoothie

1 frozen banana
1/2 cup of frozen blue berries
1 container of Chobani vanilla greek yogurt
Handful of spinach
Enough milk to get it moving around.

I combined everything into the blender and enjoyed!

After work I took a cycling class at the gym and when I got home, I was greeted to a perfectly clean house. This rarely happens when Brett is off from work since he is normally working on a project in the middle of the living room.


I not only had a clean house, but I also had dinner prepared for me as well. On the menu tonight was Drunk Doe and a side of zucchini squash. Wild deer is probably the leanest piece of meat you could possible find since there are no added antibiotics and zero fat. I asked Brett to share his recipe for the Drunk Doe that we indulged in this evening.

Drunk Doe

Hey guys, it’s Brett. I harvested a large doe last year. I did not want the last bit of deer going bad, so I decided to thaw it and cook it…since I just stacked the freezer full of fresh rabbits and needed to make extra room! The tenderloin is the best cut of meat from the deer, and I paired it with a simple recipe. I prepped the tenderloin the way I prepare all the wild game I cook. I let the meat soak in milk for two-three days. I then removed the excess milk with a paper towel and heavily salted the meat. I allowed the salt to do its work and draw the excess moisture out, dabbing it dry every five minutes for three rounds. I then evenly salted the meat, shook a little garlic powder on it, and cracked black pepper to top of it. I allowed the meat to sit for 30 minutes and then rubbed the meat with Kitchen Bouquet to help season, brown, and blacken the meat.


After seasoning the meat, I marinated the tenderloins in a mixture of worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey (1:1:2). I fired up the pit and threw the loins on, searing them on high heat. I then lowered the heat and cooked them throughout with an open hood. Lastly, I allowed the meat to “rest.” This is an important step. It allows the meat to continue cooking, while cooling and softening the meat. Throw this beast on a plate with a side of greens and Jack Daniels, and you’re living southern style!


Have you ever performed a TRX workout or any other sort of other extreme workout? 
Do you cook wild game at home? 


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