Rustic Crate – DIY

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is staying warm. Due to the freeze in South Louisiana, many schools and businesses have been shut down for the past two days in Lafayette and surrounding areas. Of course, my employer continued with normal business hours, but fortunately, I requested two vacation days last week since I thought my parents would be coming into town. Unfortunately, the weather caused them to postpone their visit. Although, the past two days weren’t much of a vacation, I was happy I had taken the days off since I wouldn’t have to face the icy weather conditions again. And, I was able to spent some quality time with Brett since he’s been off for the past week.

After taking a cycling class Monday afternoon, I headed home to a wonderful dinner prepared by Brett. If you live in Louisiana and have a neighborhood Rouse’s in town, please be sure to check out their green onion sausage. Brett introduced this sausage to me when we first started dating and I think it may have been one of the reasons I fell in love with him. Ha, I’m joking, but the sausage is amazing. We paired it up with grilled onions and bellpeppers. Simple and delicious!


I had intentions of working out at home during my vacation days and really wanted to report some great tips for at home workouts to those that may not have gym memberships. I actually worked out from home a little over a year when I first moved to Lafayette, but obviously the gym has spoiled me and I decided to take my “vacation days” seriously. Oops! I did some relaxing, but I was also able to get many things done around the house and also assisted Brett with some of the projects he is currently working on.

If you follow My Cajun Trinity on Instagram, you’ll also know that I did sip on a few cups of hot chocolate. It was so cold guys, I had to warm myself up. Below is the picture I posted yesterday on Instagram.


As I said earlier, the past few days Brett has been finishing off some projects in the house. He actually finished building the centerpiece I spoke of in a past post, so I’ve asked him to take you guys through the step-by-step process.

Hey guys, this is Brett! The weather has been quite cold, but it has not slowed progress on my projects. I had a week off from work and really dug into the pieces of furniture I’ve been meaning to start on. So, that means many DIY post to come! While working late on a “server,” I reached for my glaze and it was nearly frozen and needed to be thawed. We have been experiencing some cold weather conditions that is not typical for south Louisiana. But, as I learned in the Corps…”Adapt and overcome!” Nothing a sink of warm water couldn’t fix.


Simple, Do-It-Yourself Home Decor

Celina came to me with a photo of a project she wanted me to do for the house…something she found on Pinterest, I’m sure. It was a picture of a little wooden crate. This piece is extremely easy to create and allows a lot of “wiggle room” on precision. So, don’t be afraid to try this one! This is a good, small project for a beginner, expert, or even the kids. I think it would make a great hands-on project for little ones. When I was small, my father showed my brother and I how to drive nails with a hammer, and how to remove those “mis-driven” nails. A hammer is a useful tool, and to be familiar with one is a must for any home owner or craftsman.

I started by purchasing a 3.5in x 3/4in x 8ft strip of low end pine lumber from our local hardware store. I chose to pick a lower grade for the roughed edges and more distressed appearance. I was actually standing in the aisle looking for the worst cut of wood…something I had never done. After finding my ugly piece of wood, I measured and made cuts to fit our dining table. The cuts can be made to any size to accommodate placement. It’s your project! Do what you want with it!


After making the cuts, I took the individual pieces and distressed them. Be creative, whatever you can think of that will give your piece that rough, used, worn look. I took the planks and rubbed them on the asphalt road in front of our home. I also gave the wood a few strikes with both ends of my hammer and jabbed the wood a few times with a flat screwdriver. Then I framed the planks and tacked them together with my brad nailer


To match the look of the photo Celina provided, I used one inch roofing nails. This also provided a stronger structure for the crate.


I have also refinished firearms in the past (another post I need to do). For those projects I used Brownells Oxpho-Blue to renew the bluing on the firearms. This product causes a chemical reaction that leaves the metal with a deep, blackened finish. I chose to apply the Oxpho-Blue to the shiny nail heads to give them an aged appearance.


Next, I rubbed the wood with Minwax Dark Walnut stain. I allowed the stain to dry and rubbed the piece with Minwax tung oil to give it a bit of a glow and some shine.


Celina finished the piece with mason jars and floral arrangements. This project was extremely easy and did not take much time to complete. I built two of these crates in one hour. So go find you an ugly plank of wood, grab your hammer and nails, and get to work! I want to see someone do this project! Take pictures, email them to us, we will include your photo in one of our post! GET HAMMERING!


It’s Celina again…Isn’t it precious? It actually looks even better than the proposed picture below that I gave him which was indeed found on Pinterest.


By the way, have any of you guys noticed that My Cajun Trinity is now on Pinterest. I spent the majority of my “vacation” working on many things for the blog and one of many was to get our brand out there on social media outlets.

I successfully have accounts for My Cajun Trinity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and Instagram. So, please make sure to like and follow us. Also, I’m sure you noticed, that I cleaned up the look of the blog. I’m still working on the premium template and hope to finish up within the next coming weeks.


And last but not least, I’d like to wish my parents a Happy 37th Anniversary! Their relationship as well as Brett’s parent’s relationship is a huge inspiration to both Brett and I. Happy Anniversary and we wish you both many more years of happiness together!

Although, the past two days have been nice, I’m sure ready to get back into the swing of things. Stay warm and I’ll be back to post again soon!

Have you ever successfully conquered a Pinterest idea? 


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