Friday Finds IV

Happy Friday!

Hope you guys are staying warm. It’s freezing today in South Louisiana. My car was literally frozen this morning and I actually walked into work an hour late due to the icy roads.


Check out those icicles.

If you are new to my blog, every Friday I share with you guys a recent item I’ve seen on the market that is sparking my interest.

On Wednesday, I blogged that I left my headphones at home and that I also had to fight boredom throughout my workout that day due to their absence. As I was searching for the Dwayne Johnson picture that I included on the post, I also came across this cute, little headphone pouch keychain.

Headphone pouch

Photo source from

I usually stick my earphones in the pocket of my jacket, then take them out once I get home. This headphone pouch keychain would allow me to have my earphones with me at all times. I’m thinking of ordering one of these today.

While we’re on the subject of headphones, I’ve also been interested in buying myself some Yurbuds. The headphones that I received with my iPod and iPhone always slip out of my ears during intense workouts. My ears are quite small, so the larger ear buds also hurt over a significant amount of time.

Yurbuds were developed by athletes for athletes. They have also designed Yurbuds specifically for women with smaller ears. Another added bonus, they are sweat and water resistant.


Picture source

According to the Yurbud website, “Yurbuds twistlock into place for a secure fit that never falls out, even under the most intense workout conditions”.

Pretty neat, huh?

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I have got a super, busy weekend ahead of me and it’s quite possible that I will not be able to report back to you guys until Sunday.

I hope that you all have a great weekend! Please remember to take all precautions in this icy weather and most importantly STAY WARM!

What are you loving lately? 


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