The Power of Leftovers!

Good evening friends! Guess what? We are half way through the week!

This morning I heard the song The Power of Love by Huey Lewis on the radio. Yes, I totally listen to the oldie stations and yes, I totally recognized that the song was on the Back to the Future soundtrack because I’ve watched the trilogy hundreds of times. It’s a classic and if I would catch it playing on TV tonight, I guarantee that I’d sit there and watch it again.

As I sang along to the song this morning, I replaced the word love with leftovers. Why you ask? Because leftovers came to the rescue last night. I got stuck in horrible traffic on my way to the gym and on my way home from the gym yesterday, so I was running 30 minutes behind schedule by the time I made it home.

This past Saturday I made Chicken Lettuce Wraps using a recipe from my Cooking Light magazine. This was the same day I faced extreme anxiety due to my theme issues on WordPress. Since we decided to dine out instead of eating the food I had already cooked, I packaged it all up and placed it in the fridge. It’s almost like it happened for a reason since I had no time to cook last night. I was able to place the meat mixture into the microwave and a healthy dinner was ready in less than two minutes. And that’s the power of leftovers!


I know that most of us face time constraints daily and it’s very hard to get a workout in as well as prepare a healthy meal for our families. So, what is the magic answer to it all? Win the lottery and hire a personal nanny, chef and housekeeper. Ah, wouldn’t that be nice.

Since most of us are not millionaires, obviously, there is no simple answer. However, I can tell you that preparation has saved me hours during the week and I’d like to share with you guys a few tips that may help you save time during the week as well.

  • Switch to AM or lunch workouts – Yes, waking up at the crack of dawn is a hard one, especially for me. I try my best every week to get myself to the gym in the morning, but it honestly doesn’t always happen. If I know that I’m going to be busy in the afternoon, I can promise you that I’ll make the extra effort to get to the gym that morning. If your employer has a gym within the company building or if your gym is considerably close to your office building, consider doing lunch workouts. I would totally take advantage of a lunch workout if we had a gym in my office.
  • Pick a day out of the week and make it your preparation day. My preparation day is on Sunday. I typically clean the house, iron my clothes for the week, make a shopping list, grocery shop and if I have extra time, I chop vegetables that I’ll need for recipes throughout the week (honestly, this rarely happens, but it did happen once or twice before).
  • Use your time wisely – Luckily I’m given a one hour lunch break and I’m able to come home for lunch. Not only do I eat lunch during that hour, I also tidy up the house, put clothes to wash, pay bills, etc. I get things done, but I’m also continuously moving as well.
  • Ask for help – When Brett first moved into the house we often got in arguments because he would not assist me in the evening chores. I finally realized that if I asked nicely, he would help without hesitation (ok, I kind of exaggerated there). But honestly, he is a great boyfriend and helps more often than not. I don’t have children yet, but if I did, I’d try to make cleaning and cooking fun. I do this with Ava often when she visits. I have a trash can that is motion-sensored, so she always volunteers to bring anything to the trash can. She also loves making pizzas with her Aunt C, and this bonding experience doesn’t even feel like a chore because it’s fun and memorable.
  • Cook extra or cook in advance – If you cook extra, you can always reheat leftovers later in the week or you can place in the freezer to use in a few weeks. Also, cooking in advance is another option. You may have time now, but not later. Just today, my best friend Kristin texted me the below picture.


These are little veggie frittatas. She got the recipe from The Biggest Loser. I was excited when she sent it to me because I actually watched the episode last week when Bob introduced these to to the contestants and I wanted to try them myself. The great thing about these little frittatas is that they can be made in advance and then you can place them into the fridge or freezer for later use. Just take them out, defrost if needed and pop in the microwave. Easy! And an extra bonus, they’re super healthy!

I definitely struggle when it comes to breakfast preparation and usually eat cereal or an energy bar because it’s easy to grab and eat on the go. I’m definitely going to try to make these soon as I feel they would be a much more nutrious solution for breakfast. Kristin also commented that these were unbelievably good. See, healthy food can taste great! Thanks Kristin!



I was going to take a rest day today, but decided to push through since I knew that I will not be able to make the gym this coming weekend. When I arrived to the gym, one of the worst things happened to me.


There is honestly nothing worse than leaving your headphones when going to the gym. Music fuels my workouts and I cannot tell you guys how devastated I was. I honestly felt like Dwayne Johnson in this picture. Since my hamstrings were very sore due to yesterdays Circuit Training class, I decided to only perform a light workout at the gym today. I also wanted to fight boredom since my headphones were absent.

I started with The Seven Minute Workout and then did intervals on the eliptical, stair master and treadmill. Intervals allowed me to constantly change the resistance on the machines which helped mix things up and kept things interesting.

Intervals definitely help to get your sweat on. This is what I looked like at the end of my workout.


Haha, I know, not my best picture. But, I was red and sweaty at the end of my workout… just the way I like it!

Again, I’m not an expert in any way, these are all just my suggestions. Planning ahead has always helped me in the past and I hope that these tips can make your crazy, busy lives flow a little easier!

Have a great night, only two more days until the weekend!

How do you save time throughout the week?
Have you ever incorporated interval training into your workouts?


3 thoughts on “The Power of Leftovers!

  1. Mindy

    I love your workout posts! I feel your pain with the headphones. I’ve been known to skip a run if I forget my headphones (oops!). Right now, all of my time is going into running, but I really want to start cross training a little more after the big race. I’ll be looking your way for workout inspiration! ❤


    1. My Cajun Trinity Post author

      Awesome Mindy! I wish I could get into running. I ran track in high school, but I was a sprinter. The most I do these days is a mile or 5 minute runs in between circuit workouts. I guess it’s better than nothing. So awesome that you can run a half marathon, only so many people can say that they’ve done that! High intensity workouts are the way to go in my opinion. I’ll do my best to post as many of those types of workouts on the blog. Thanks again for the share today. I promise to pay you back! All the best!


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