Lunch at Nash’s

First off, I wanted to apologize about the horrible writing of yesterday’s post. I was rushed to write the post and after reading today, I was quite embarrassed that I published without further editing.

Today’s Lunch

One of my biggest tips that I can give to those reading this blog in hopes of learning different ways that they can live a healthier and fitter life is to get in the kitchen and cook from the comfort of your own home. I believe if you stay away from ordering and dining out, you will quickly see a major difference in your life as well as your wallet.

Trust me, this is a HUGE challenge for me every single day. It definitely takes preparation and determination to get a meal on the table every night. I typically plan out a menu every Sunday for the entire week, and then make a list. I then STICK to the list and TRY not to make any impulse buys while at the store. Of course, Brett and I are not perfect and I believe dining out is an important cultural experience. He and I  usually dine out somewhere between two or three times a week. Also, it’s very hard to stay away from all the wonderful Southern restaurants Lafayette has to offer.

I also face a challenge when I need to attend a business lunch every now and again for work. Now, I’m not complaining, because I love this part of my job, especially when the vendor takes you out to a beautiful restaurant that is set in an old Victorian home. Yes, today I was fortunate enough to eat at a local’s favorite, Nash’s.


Isn’t it precious?

I just love old, Southern homes and was so extremely happy to dine in this beautiful yet romantic restaurant for the first time.


Many folks down in Louisiana keep their Christmas trees up past the season, and decorate them for Mardi Gras. Don’t you just love the original hard wood flooring?


Our group was seated next to this beautifully stained glass window.

So, I know you guys are wondering…what do I order when I dine out? Well, this is normally the rule for me. If I’m dining out on the weekend, I typically eat whatever my eye is drawn to on the menu. However, during the week, I try to be health conscious unless I’m dining somewhere special, like today. I was very close to ordering a salad, but since this restaurant is known for their Italian dishes, I opted for the Chicken Parmesan. The menu did offer wheat substitutions, so I made sure to order the wheat noodles. I also made sure to eat all my greens and tomato that was included in my starter salad.


There I am with my Chicken Parmesan, in the only outfit I own! : ) You may have noticed I wore this same outfit to the Marc Broussard show. Opps! Please note, this is not a fashion blog. I’m no where near being an expert in that area.


Oh yummy goodness! Of course I only ate half of this plate, even the lunch portions are huge at Nash’s.

If you guys are ever in town, I strongly recommend Nash’s to you and your loved ones. The atmosphere screams Southern charm and the food will not disappoint. I cannot wait to return with my family myself. *Hint Hint, Mom and Dad*

Of course our waiter asked if our table was interested in coffee and dessert and of course we WERE! We all agreed to share a slice of turtle cheesecake. I believe this is always a good idea when dining with a group. No one deserves to miss out on a little sweetness and if you’re just taking a bite or two, it won’t kill you. Remember, it’s all about balance.


Thanks again to Absolutely Monogramming for taking my co-worker Lindsay and I out for lunch today. The meal was great, but the company was even better!

Lindsay and I just started working with Absolutely Monogramming and I only have great things to say about their company. If you’re in the Lafayette area and looking for a neat place to shop, please look into this company. Not only do they monogram, but they also sell UL and LSU apparel as well as cute gifts for birthdays, weddings and showers.


After work today, I headed over to the gym and took another circuit training class. Today, I was able to capture a photo of how chaotic this class appears to be to the unknown.


Yeah, I know, it doesn’t look that crazy in this picture. It’s only because I couldn’t fit the entire class in the picture.

Whiskey Mood

Hey guys, it’s Brett. I received my latest issue of Garden & Gun Magazine yesterday and took it to work today. I found a few minutes throughout the day to thumb through it and look at the pictures. I love my Budweiser, but occasionally, I like to indulge in a glass of whiskey…or two. My “go to” whiskey is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. I pour it straight into an empty glass and sip away. While looking through my magazine, my coworker, Ryan, and I noticed Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Whiskey advertised. I stopped by the liquor store on the way home after my 12 hour shift and saw those babies sitting on the shelf. It was a little bit pricey, but what the heck…I deserved it. I picked up a bottle for $50.


I’m saving it for a special occasion…I think. I guess I should wait until Ryan is around to open it. I’ll let you guys know how I liked it in a later post.

Hope you all have a great evening!

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