Weekend Update

Good Sunday Evening to all of you!

I sure do hope your weekend was much more vibrant than mine. I must tell you guys that I truly had intentions of keeping my blog a positive platform, but this weekend truly tested my buttons.

Of course the weekend wasn’t all too bad. I started my Saturday morning with a pump class at the gym and I was so excited as I was leaving because I finally had the time to put some tender loving care into the blog. Little did I know my anxiety levels would shoot through the roof later that day.

After purchasing a premium theme and attempting to install, I quickly hit a road blockage. The theme that I purchased requires a parent theme (framework) and also a child theme (pretty stuff). After installing both themes, WordPress informed me that the parent theme was missing. But, I promise you guys that it was there and installed. So, long story short, I looked at this screen for about three or four wasted hours.


In the end, I’m pretty sure I figured out that there is some sort of code that I need to enter into the child theme stylesheet that will direct it to the parent theme. I took one HTML class as part of a continuing education course, but I’m no mastermind in this area. I do; however, have a few ideas of what it might be and intend to try it out later. I also have a few resources I plan to reach out to during the upcoming week. Below is an image of the child theme stylesheet. If anyone happens to know what needs to be added to this code, please feel free to email me at mycajuntrinity@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate it!


When Brett got home yesterday evening, I quickly let him know how bummed I was about the whole situation. I was in no mood to stay home, so we left the house to get a bite to eat and I was finally able to shake off most of my anxiety about the situation.

This morning I told myself that I wouldn’t waste my day sitting in front of the computer again, so I quickly got to cleaning the house.  I also did my Sunday ritual of grocery shopping and ironing clothes for the week.

So, since I don’t have much to report to you guys and I don’t want to end this post on a bad note, I figured I’d show you guys the first room in our home that we refinished, the guest bathroom. Although this room was completed almost a year and a half ago, I still love it. I think it truly captures both Brett and I’s taste. Enjoy!

Here is the before:


And here is what it looks like today:


Luckily, my parents have been offering their help for the past two years to our house. Without their efforts, we would be very far behind and I honestly cannot thank them enough for all of the beautiful work.


I also owe a huge thank you to Brett for his work on this room as well. He re-stained the cabinets and also built the shelves and bench.



I actually took the picture on top of the shelf. I was in the duck blind with Brett and his cousin Adam when this picture was taken. I literally aimed the camera, but wasn’t paying attention to what I was photographing since they were both shooting their guns at the same time. I was honestly shocked that I captured such a great image. The duck had been shot in the picture and was falling from the sky.


I believe Brett took the picture of the sunset during another duck hunt. You can also see Desmond the duck in the above picture. We purchased him from Paul Michael’s, a local furniture and decor store here in Lafayette. After purchasing Desmond, we decided to decorate the guest bathroom around him. Hence, the duck theme throughout the room.


All the frames were found in an old box and Brett spray painted them white for reuse. I loved the idea since it was cheap and all the frames were the same exact color.



I fell in love with this shower curtain from Anthropologie and waited forever to purchase it since it was pretty pricey. I finally gave in and of course it went on sale the next week. Go figure!

So, there you go, our first completed room of the house. I hope to do a  post with a before and after of each room as we continue to refinish our home.

One last thing, I didn’t forget about the DIY post for the media center. Brett and I are trying to decide if we want to add one last detail to the piece of furniture. So, I apologize for the delay of the reveal.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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