Friday Finds II

Last week I started a series called Friday Finds. Every Friday I will share with you a recent product that I’ve noticed on the market that sparks my interest. See last week’s Friday Finds here.

Today I will be introducing BIC Bands to you guys. I recently discovered these non-slip headbands a few months ago. You’re probably thinking, “Non-slip, yeah right?” I can honestly tell you that these headbands don’t budge. You can 100% trust me too because I’m not getting paid by the brand to exploit this information to my readers. BIC Bands allow you to enhance your workouts even further since you don’t have to focus on wiping away wispy hairs that stick to your sweaty face. You also don’t have to worry about constantly readjusting your head band because BIC bands does not move AT ALL once it’s placed on your head.


I read about them through a few blogs and was amazed by the outstanding feedback on them from so many different women. After visiting their website I noticed that the bands were a bit pricey, so I didn’t invest right away. I actually placed this item on my Christmas list and was extremely excited to receive one from my parents on Christmas day. I chose a plain black band, but they are available in all sorts of colors and prints.

On top of all of that, each month the company chooses a different charity to support with the sale of every single BIC band. BIC Bands = Because I Can Bands! They raise funds because they can…for those who can’t so that one day they will!

Pretty sweet, huh?

Happy Weekend!

What are you loving lately?


8 thoughts on “Friday Finds II

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