Yes, you read that right, it’s still freezing in Louisiana. Temperatures hit the mid 20s this morning, so I made sure to bundle myself up real well this morning before heading to work. I even broke out my gloves.

Lets back up a bit to yesterday. Yesterday was the first day back to a normal work day for most employees in my office, so therefore the work load was a bit heavier. This was nice since I was a busy bee and the day seemed to pass quickly. Since I had the Monday blues, I wasn’t feeling very motivated on my way to the gym after work. I decided that taking a group exercise cycling class was the way to go.

The class was almost completely full, which put me in a better mood instantly. There is something about a packed class that encourages me to push myself a bit further.  On top of that, we had a great instructor. What defines a great instructor for me? Someone that speaks loud and clear, someone that pushes me beyond my limits and someone that picks great song selections. Yesterday’s cycling class included music from some of my favorite bands/singers: ZZ Top, Green Day, Bruno Mars, The Police and The Foo Fighters. After 50 minutes was up, I felt like I had just finished riding through a tough mountain trail. I definitely pushed myself further than I would have working out on my own, which felt amazing and was my intended goal!

Now back to today! I had intentions of getting back into my morning workout routine this morning, but the cold weather discouraged me from getting out of bed when my alarm rang at 5:10 am. I’m not going to lie, I was a little let down with myself, but I won’t let it discourage me. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I had oatmeal on my mind while I got ready for work this morning. I knew that it would help both warm and fill me up. Although I love the instant oatmeal packs, I try to stay away from them since they are pretty much full of sugar. I followed the microwave instructions on the label to these Old Fashioned Oats.


Halfway through heating in the microwave, I added a spoonful of peanut butter and a spoonful of almond butter and continued heating to allow the nut butters to melt. After it was finished in the microwave, I added a sprinkle of brown Splenda and few swirls of honey.


My favorite flavors of this mix was the nut butters. My stomach was very satisfied after consuming this yummy breakfast. You can also add fruits and nuts to make this meal even more nutritious.

One last thing, when I returned home from lunch today, my power cord to my iMac was on my doorstep. Looks like I’ll be setting up my computer tonight! I’m so excited, I’ve missed my iMac.

Is it chilly in your home town today?
Do you participate in group exercise classes? Does it help your performance in the gym?

Stay tuned, another recipe tonight and my first DIY post later this week.


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