My first blog post!

Hello blog world! My name is Celina and beginning a blog that follows my interest in healthy living, DIY projects and everything else that defines my life here in Lafayette, LA has been a thought of mine for about half a year. I’ve been holding off due to computer issues at home and thought it would be completely worthless to start blogging without being able to post pictures. Then I thought, what would happen if you had been blogging for years and suddenly had computer issues? Exactly! So today I’ve finally decided to take a leap of faith. Today I give you the birth to my very own blog, My Cajun Trinity.

Why My Cajun Trinity? I’ve pondered on a blog name for at least five months. I was born and raised in Cut Off, Louisiana or as I tell most people “Down the Bayou”. So, I knew I wanted to incorporate my history into the title. I first thought of Fit Creole Thrifter or Fit Cajun Thrifter. When I asked my co-workers their opinion, they suggested I come up with a blog name that would not only allow me to blog on several topics but would not restrict the blog from growing with me. They suggested blog names such as Bayou Blogger or A Bayou Girl. I understood their idea and completely agreed, but I just wasn’t feeling their suggestions.
Finally, I started thinking outside the box. I thought of my boyfriend and how he’s mentioned to me several times that if he ever owned a restaurant he would name it The Green Onion. Then a light bulb turned on, almost any Cajun could tell you that the Cajun Trinity consists of onions, bell peppers and celery and it is used to begin most Cajun recipes. I have decided to begin my recipe of a blog with a trinity as well, except I’ll be using a Healthy Lifestyle (while indulging in my favorite Cajun recipes from time-to-time), DIY Projects (mostly recaps of projects my boyfriend creates) and anything else that may pop up here that defines who I am. My Cajun Trinity!

I plan to do several post a week but it may change once I see how well I can manage my time. Hope you all enjoy reading!


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